Advan RS-DF Progressive - 18x10.5 +24 - 5x114.3 (In-Stock)

Advan RS-DF Progressive - 18x10.5 +24 - 5x114.3 (In-Stock)

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Size: 18x10.5 +24
PCD: 5x114.3
Bore: 73
Concavity: Concave 5
Color: Racing Titanium Black

Application: Evo VIII, IX, and X

RS-DF 18-inch advance to progressive models. Their only rivals are GT 18-inch wheels. RS-DF Progressive adopted the same rim form as the GT-18-inch, a racing rim profile that can accept braking systems with up to 400mm rotors. The front rim is 34mm deep, five choices of concave spokes, ranging from Concave-1 to Concave-5, is the same as GT 18-inch models. The spokes are side cut on both sides, without joins, using the “advanced side cut” process. 18inch RS-DF Progressive still have logos of ADVAN Racing, FORGED machined on the their center part, the same as 19inch models. The anti-tire-slip feature makes sure the tires stay put no matter what, and it’s standard on all sizes. The 10-spoke design of RS-DF wheels show superior stress dispersal, giving them an advantage in weight compared to GT 18inch. RS-DF Progressive are available in the following colors: Machining & Racing Hyper Black, Racing Titanium Black and Dark Bronze Metallic, the last 2 colors were newly developed.

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