Rays D108 - 18x9 +0 - 6x139.7

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*Price is for 4 wheels*

Size: 18x9 +0
PCD: 6x139.7

Following their highly anticipated release, the D108 is the long awaited follow up to the new off-road sports wheel series. The combination of a deep rim with a minimal flat and wide 8-spoke design offers a simple yet powerful aesthetic. Meticulously designed with performance in mind, the D108 features hollow-backed spokes that reduce weight without compromising strength, while its knurling finish ensures optimal traction for 4WD vehicles, preventing wheel and tire slippage. The rugged Matte Black finish exudes durability, and the aggressive sizing is perfectly suited for wide fenders. Welcome to the world of 'DO WILD,' where this off-road sports series is redefining the boundaries of adventure. 

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