Volk Racing ZE40x - 17x9 -20 - 6x139.7

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*Price is for 4 wheels*

Size: 17x9 -20
PCD: 6x139.7
Concavity: Face 3

Attack all ground. Born with the concept of "The strongest wheel even 10 years ahead", VOLK RACING ZE40 embodies this vision. To materialize this concept, ZE40 was crafted with the pinnacle of technology, elevating it to become the flagship model of the brand. Inheriting the design philosophy of ZE40, VOLK RACING ZE40X has been newly developed with the aim of being the strongest 4x4 wheel. Optimized spokes for high load capacity, reminiscent of off-road adventures, and an innovative center part not only enhance its design but also provide strength and rigidity through intricate backside machining. By bonding the spokes to the rim, its durability is elevated to the highest level, boasting the ability to easily conquer gravel and rough terrain. Furthermore, the balance between lightness and strength is achieved through machining, proving its racing heritage. Not only in terms of performance but also in safety, the wheel meets the rigorous JWL-T truck standard along with RAYS own JWL+R criteria, leaving no room for compromise. This wheel, honed to the ultimate level as an off-road forged wheel, is imbued with the power to conquer all terrains and emerge victorious.

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