Volk Racing CE28N-plus (Pre-order)

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Method: Forged 1pc Wheel (Knurling Finish)
RAYS original test: JWL+R Spec 2
Included: European Aluminum Air Valve RAYS (Black)

The lightest forged wheel, comparable to TE37. Along with the TE37, which boasts the strongest rigidity of VOLK RACING, the CE28N has been especially focused on the pursuit of lightweight performance. The CE28N, which has undergone numerous derivative models and timely minor changes since its birth, is still highly popular today for its superior wheel performance rooted in its overwhelming lightweight performance and the universality of its design that allows it to be used on any vehicle. The new "CE28N-plus" is an updated model with greatly improved strength and rigidity to cope with the recent increase in vehicle weight and higher power. The design of the spokes and rim shape and thickness have been reviewed using the latest strength analysis technology, and the design has been completely redesigned, retaining the design base of the CE28N, but with a complete remodeling in terms of detailing and substantial core strength. The "CE28N-plus" is the result of the technology cultivated in the world's most prestigious races. VOLK RACING's rival is always itself.

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